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Horse Holidays Bosnia

Horse Holidays Bosnia (horseholidaysbosnia.com) is owned by Aventura LLC, and is based at LazyHorse Equestrian Center (www.lazyhorse.ba).

Lazy Horse Equestrian Center is located in an area of approximately 6 hectares, 25 kilometers away from Sarajevo, at the foot of Ormanj mountain with sweeping views of the peaks of the Olympic mountain Bjelasnica. Horse tracks surrounding it stretch over hundreds of kilometers through unspoiled nature, forest roads, meadows, mountains, and mountain villages. Lazy Horse offers a structured but fun environment for riders of all levels in a friendly atmosphere and with facilities adjusted to all members of your family, as well as a safe and healthy home for horses in our care.


Clean paths through dark forests lead to canter-inviting glades with views of snow-capped mountains in the distance. Stones with strange carvings, as yet to be deciphered by modern man, border our path.

The trails are varied.  We ride from macadam roads to logging roads, to forest paths to grassy fields (gallop!) on each ride.  Every day we have a chosen break stop, whether just for tea and cake, or for a full Bosnian meal (with time to walk or rest afterwards!)

A few of the routes are not easy: at times you may feel it preferable to walk with your horse up or down steep inclines. But it is so much more enjoyable to stay on: the horses were born and raised here and take any undulating terrain in their stride.


Bosnia and Hercegovinian food is extensive. This is a very multicultural society, and all cultures have had important influences on the food culture as well as the culture in general. Many people in Bosnia are Muslim, many are Orthodox Christian, and many are Catholic. You can always request vegan “Posno without fish” (no meat, no eggs no milk), or ask for a regular Posno meal (fish is included but nothing milk or animal-based like eggs). Pork is available, but please let us know in advance if you would like to have a meal with pork so we can shop at the appropriate markets.


Lazy Horse has 17 horses, 9 of which are trained (sure-footed and bomb-proof) for trail riding. Most have competed in endurance competitions, some in jumping competitions, and others in dressage (although it overlaps). For your ride, you will be paired with either a resilient Balkan mountain horse, a calm Arabian (ridden in school lessons by children aged 8+), a proud Lipizzaner, or a spunky halflinger. Each having their own personality. We will have a conversation with you first, and determine your experience and preferences to further decide on the best steed!


Accommodation at the Equestrian Center LazyHorse: Lazy horse offers 3 double bed rooms (one with private bathroom), one 4 bed room (with shared bathroom).  There is a cozy kitchen and dining area/café, and a lovely terrace overlooking the riding arenas.  If you prefer, there are other accommodation options nearby, from full houses (4 rooms/2 bathrooms), to luxury resort accommodation.


Jason Odendaal is a professional rider, trainer, showjumper, youngstock developer, riding Instructor, natural movement and physiology enthusiast as well as a vastly experienced trail guide. He has been working with horses for 25 years and has accrued a varied and impressive list of accolades during his time on the international equestrian circuit. In addition to his many years of equine experience he has obtained a specialist level first aid, an equine lameness and rehabilitation as well as therapeutic modalities certifications, all accredited in the UK. He is currently working through a veterinary anatomy and bodywork course via the USA.

From showgrooming, training and competing showjumpers in the UAE, coaching riders and leading trails in China, to developing youngstock and competitive stars in Ireland he is as competent a horseman as they come……an undeniably trustworthy guide!

I have trained and cared for horses in a comprehensive way for most of my life. Leading trails and treks is a passionate part of my every day and an experience I can’t wait to share with all of you!


Anke Marten is a new-found horse-riding enthusiast and uses her previous experiences as a gymnast to propel and aid her pursuit of riding excellence. With each new milestone reached, she enjoys it more and more. She is very passionate about riding and spending time with the horses at the ranch.

If you have questions about our trails, visits of larger groups or you are an agency that deals with equestrian holidays and you want to cooperate with us, Anke is the best address for all your questions by email horseholidaysbosnia@lazyhorse.ba


Your hosts, Selma and Rasim, are both physicians, fluent in English, German and their native Bosnian of course. When she is not caring for patients at the hospital, Selma is also a talented writer, riding camp manager, dressage teacher, and mother of two equestrians. The father of these two talented young ladies, Rasim, is a pharmaceutical expert and renowned author, an explorer, endurance competitor, university professor, riding instructor, facilitator of equine-assisted learning and a pilot.

But most importantly, they are passionate horse people by heart.